35 People Caught Napping In Funny And Uncomfortable-Looking Ways


There are 2 types of people in the world: those who can fall asleep whenever and wherever they please, and then the rest of us. You can’t help but be a little envious of that guy on the plane, mouth wide open and blissfully comatose before takeoff, while you’ve got hours of fidgety, angry power naps to look forward to!

Being able to fall asleep quickly is a bit of superpower, let’s face it. But the downside of all this casual, offhand snoozing is that people are likely to find themselves in compromising positions from time-to-time, caught out by sneaky snappers who just had to share the strange and funny positions they were napping in.

This list, compiled by Bored Panda, is kind of a guilty pleasure – is it really fair to laugh at people zombied out in their most vulnerable state? Yes, just this once it’s worth it, trust us! Scroll down below to see these seriously strange snoozers in action for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 A Boy And His Cow Napping At The Goshen Fair

Image credits: tiameghan

But what does your sleeping position say about your personality? Surprisingly, quite a lot! With thanks to Science of the People, let’s look at a few of the most common examples:

The fetal position is when you curl your knees in toward your chest like you’re tucked into a safe little ball.

In a study conducted by Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK’s Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, 41 percent of the sleeping participants adopted this position. In fact, double the amount of women slept in the fetal position compared to men in this experiment. Those who find comfort in this natural position can be described as having a hard shell: tough on the outside, but a huge softy on the inside. They typically are shy when you first meet them, then tend to open up and relax quickly.

#2 I Was Reading In Bed Last Night When I Realized My Husband And Our Foster Kittens Were All Fast Asleep Like This

Image credits: yoyoadrienne

#3 This Man Sleeping In The Office In Front Of His Colleagues

Image credits: TheOrangeDuke

The Log: Fifteen percent of people seem to find passing out like a log (lying on their side with their arms by their side) as the best way to catch some precious z’s. Does this boring, stiff sleeping position mean the sleeper is boring too? No! In fact, the opposite is true. People who sleep like a log are known as social butterflies. Although they are friendly, carefree, and popular, these social, trusting people are known for being gullible.

The Yearner: As if reaching out for something, the yearner is the position where you sleep on your side, but have your arms stretched out in front of you. People who sleep like this are a little complicated: they are open-minded, yet cynical; slow and suspicious when making a decision, but stick to it once their minds are made up.

#4 My Sister Fell Asleep While She Was Reading A Magazine

Image credits: Blowfin

#5 Family Asleep

The Soldier: Exactly as it sounds, the soldier position is where you sleep on your back with your arms by your sides. Only eight percent of sleepers claim to get the most sleep this way. Those who find themselves sleeping this way typically are quiet, reserved and hold both themselves and other people to high standards and strict moral codes.

The Freefaller: Having trouble imagining this one? It’s where you’re lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side. Sleeping on your stomach is something many people find uncomfortable, but those who enjoy this position wouldn’t have it any other way. Freefalling sleepers are bold and sociable on the outside, but typically don’t have the thick skin to deal with criticism or absurd situations.

Which one are you? To see more sleeping positions and their meanings, check out  Science of the People‘s article, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#6 An Expensive Nap In Venice, Italy 

Image credits: EconomiaItalia

#7 Man Set Up Camera To Record What His Cat Does At Night

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#8 This Is What Friends Are For

Image credits: vladrichdemaclant

#9 My Niece Thought My Mom Needed This Sticker While She Was Sleeping

Image credits: radio_dead

#10 How To Sleep Well. It Freaking Worked

Image credits: aymbrbr

#11 Here We See A Wild Bass Player, Sleeping Soundly In Its’ Cocoon

Image credits: savedbyiron

#12 Everybody’s Got These Great Pictures Of Their People Sleeping With Their Pets And I’m Over Here Stuck With This Mess

Image credits: aderaptor

#13 Flight Attendants Need To Rest Too

Image credits: peoplestanding

#14 My Kid Sleeps Like He Fell Down In Family Guy

Image credits: AirmanAJK

#15 Walked In On The SO Sleeping. I’m Not Sure She’s Human

Image credits: ElrianWalker

#16 My Roommate’s Grandma Was Visiting, And Gave Me A Little Scare When I Found Her Taking A Nap. Then I Noticed Her Book

Image credits: Pinionedspiral

#17 How To Sleep At Work

Image credits: Reduxus

#18 This Is Why You Don’t Fall Asleep In An Airport

#19 Favorite Sleeping Position: The Nazi

Image credits: filipbitola

#20 Sleep Contortionist (21-Year-Old Son After His 1st Day On New Job Falls Asleep Rather Stylishly)

Image credits: rasburryswirl

#21 Bedroom Is Really Sunny In The Morning. Found Husband Sleeping Like This

Image credits: Kat211

#22 My Boyfriend’s Sleeping Position Screams “B**** I’m Fabulous”

Image credits: kma313

#23 Today I Found Out That My Co-Worker Sleeps With His Eyes Open And Looks Very Creepy

Image credits: Quickzor

#24 My Wife Naps Like This

Image credits: FlyingWhaley

#25 Wife Has Fallen Asleep Beneath The Paper. This Freaked Me Out For A Second

Image credits: craigstone_

#26 Have You Ever Heard About Sleeping Under The Table?

#27 Sleeping Level: Jedi

Image credits: shrek0623

#28 A Friend Stayed Over Last Night. When I Left The Room To Take A Shower, He Was Sleeping On The Couch; When I Came Back…

Image credits: omgwhateverdudejustletmein

#29 This Sleeping Position

Image credits: shibuyameltdown

#30 Waking Up Will Be Hard

Image credits: Bierrr

#31 He Doesn’t Understand Why I Hate Sleeping With Him

Image credits: SarahDawn1

#32 A Girl At Uni Fell Asleep In A Chair

Image credits: theshitclockisticking

#33 Ever Had So Much Alcohol You Tried To Enter A House Via The Cat Door, Then Went To Sleep Half Way Through?

Image credits: iamnotastroturfing

#34 How Is That Even Possible?

Image credits: pagegq

#35 Interesting Sleep Pose

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95 Times People Make Snakes Funny By Drawing Arms


Some time ago a wise person decided to doodle hands on a cute pic of a snake he found. The result was so satisfying, he shared it on the internet. And then the doodle war began.

Some time ago we asked our readers to take part in this war, and we are so glad we did. Snakes don’t always have the best reputation and are certainly not the cutest, but it turns out that all they needed were some expressive arms and hands!

This list, collected by Bored Panda, is a celebration of the serpent, slightly modified for our viewing pleasure. It gives you a whole new perspective on our slithery friends! Turns out there is less to fear than maybe you thought, because snakes are ‘armless, after all…

Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Oh Stop It You…

Image credits: ARussianAndHisBike

According to National Geographic, there are more than 3,000 species of snakes on the planet and they’re found everywhere except in Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, and New Zealand. About 600 species are venomous, and only about 200—seven percent—are able to kill or significantly wound a human.

“Nonvenomous snakes, which range from harmless garter snakes to the not-so-harmless python, dispatch their victims by swallowing them alive or constricting them to death. Whether they kill by striking with venom or squeezing, nearly all snakes eat their food whole, in sometimes astoundingly large portions.”

#2 Not Sure

Image credits: ARussianAndHisBike

#3 Tell Me More

“Almost all snakes are covered in scales and as reptiles, they’re cold blooded and must regulate their body temperature externally. Scales serve several purposes: They trap moisture in arid climates and reduce friction as the snake moves. There have been several species of snakes discovered that are mostly scaleless, but even those have scales on their bellies.

Snakes also have forked tongues, which they flick in different directions to smell their surroundings. That lets them know when danger—or food—is nearby.

Snakes have several other ways to detect a snack. Openings called pit holes in front of their eyes sense the heat given off by warm-blooded prey. And bones in their lower jaws pick up vibrations from rodents and other scurrying animals. When they do capture prey, snakes can eat animals up to three times bigger than their head is wide because their lower jaws unhinge from their upper jaws. Once in a snake’s mouth, the prey is held in place by teeth that face inward, trapping it there.”

#4 “So You Didn’t Wash Your Dishes After All”

Image credits: mybodyisajacuzzi

#5 Hey, Gurl

“About once a month snakes shed their skin, a process called ecdysis that makes room for growth and gets rid of parasites. They rub against a tree branch or other object, then slither out of their skin head first, leaving it discarded inside-out.

Most snakes lay eggs, but some species—like sea snakes—give live birth to young. Very few snakes pay any attention to their eggs, with the exception of pythons, which incubate their eggs.

There are roughly a hundred snake species listed by the IUCN Red List as endangered, typically due to habitat loss from development.”

There are even such terrifying things as flying snakes, which sounds like the stuff of nightmares!

#6 I Need My Morning Coffee

#7 Oh Snoot, She’s Got A Knife! Run!

Image credits: solid-snakes

#8 Shy Snake

Image credits: pokonopiku

#9 Lil Snek Dab

Image credits: hardy reptiles

#10 Fist Bump

#11 You Want To Fight?

#12 Jazz Snake

#13 Im Not Talking To You

Image credits: wdiedoodles

#14 Let Me Take A Quick Shower

Image credits: solid-snakes

#15 Byeeeee

#16 Hmm, Quite

#17 Come At Me Bro

#18 Snake The Drummer

#19 Excited Snake

Image credits: ARussianAndHisBike

#20 Yup, It’s Grass

#21 Valerie!! Whyyy??

Image credits: Wikipeteia

#22 Shouting Snook Boy

Image credits: Gianna_Meme_Vine

#23 Why Are You Looking At Me Like That

#24 Who Ate My Sandwich Again

#25 In A Club With The Girls

#26 What’s Up?

#27 Let Me Play You A Sad Song

#28 Harry Snekker

#29 Yeah Scr*w You Too, Frank.

#30 What Ya Lookin At?

Image credits:

#31 Feed Me!

Image credits: wdiedoodles

#32 I’m Scared

Image credits: sarcasm-is-my-main-weapon

#33 Daydreaming

Image credits: Wloomis894

#34 Ive Found My People

Image credits: kailisucks

#35 Ah, Life, Such Mystery

#36 Hey Boys!

#37 Snug (Snake Hug)

#38 Pls Don’t Leave

#39 The Creation Of Adam

#40 Getting Ready In The Morning

#41 Beep…boop…i’m A Robot Snake (Robot Dance)

Image credits:

#42 Hmmm

Image credits: ARussianAndHisBike

#43 Wazaap

Image credits: ARussianAndHisBike

#44 The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music!

Image credits: JakeHawke

#45 Snakes With Arms Are Awesome

Image credits: halosinc

#46 Good Job

Image credits: snakesarebetterthanpeople

#47 Free Me!

Image credits: livslizardblog

#48 Angry Arms Noodle

Image credits: sapphogator

#49 Angry Snake

Image credits: sapphogator

#50 Also Legs

Image credits: grimm-fairy

#51 Welcome To My Office

Image credits: critterbutt

#52 My Oldest Grandslither, Santiago, With Snarms

Image credits: DarthPookie

#53 Shy Snake

Image credits: friendly-neighborhood-keri

#54 Happy Snake

Image credits: friendly-neighborhood-keri

#55 Feeding Time

Image credits: fenderstrat89

#56 Just Chillin

#57 Snake The Dancer

#58 Well Well Well

#59 Dancing In The Rain

#60 Nokia Snek

#61 Did You Do The Laundry?

#62 Halloo Mah Friends I Am Bowtie Snek

#63 Snek In A Sweater

#64 Dad Snake

Image credits: halosinc

#65 They Say I’m A Dreamer

Image credits: reptrillian

#66 Hide And Seek

Image credits: reptrillian

#67 I Don’t Know

Image credits: rabbitasaur

#68 Wanna See My Collection?

Image credits: snakesarebetterthanpeople

#69 Oh, This Is So Embarrassing

Image credits: i-m-snek

#70 What A Lovely Day For Gardening!

Image credits: k–struggler

#71 Hi

Image credits: wdiedoodles

#72 Captain Snarms Is Here To Snave The Day!

Image credits: critterbutt

#73 Hide Me, Human!

Image credits: critterbutt

#74 It’s Popeye The Snailor Man!

Image credits: edenfre

#75 Music’s Too Loud

Image credits: critterbutt

#76 Oh Hey!

Image credits: critterbutt

#77 Body Builder Snake

Image credits: solid-snakes

#78 I See What You’re Saying

Image credits: contaminatedmango

#79 Cat-Snake

Image credits: friendly-neighborhood-keri

#80 All Clear

Image credits: confirmedgeckos

#81 Snake Found Something

Image credits: _lenami_

#82 Angry

Image credits: kailisucks

#83 Well Ill Be Damned

Image credits: Wloomis894

#84 Slurp

Image credits: Rosella67

#85 Poorly Drawn Anime Snakes Anyone?

Image credits: sleepyw33b

#86 Hey Buddy!

Image credits: WolfLusine

#87 Hmm…

Image credits: Tank1734

#88 Snake Is Happy To See You!

Image credits: auburn_moogle

#89 Rule Change, Liz With Legs Ok Now

Image credits: Craniate

#90 Snake Has A Question

Image credits: auburn_moogle

#91 Hmmmmyes

Image credits: auburn_moogle

#92 So… Close…

Image credits: auburn_moogle

#93 Fedora Snake

Image credits: galaxy-dancer01

#94 Dammit Human

Image credits: snarent

#95 Oh God Why?

Image credits: spacesnek

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123 Times Restaurant Designers Failed Miserably


Most people are oblivious to their own mistakes, but they can spot someone else doing something wrong from a faraway distance. It’s the same with restaurants: if you’re the owner, you probably think your place is great, but if you’re a customer, then you’ll most likely notice everything that’s wrong with the place in a jiffy. And sometimes restaurants mess up so badly without realizing it that customers can’t help but snap a picture and upload it to the popular ‘Crappy Designs’ subreddit.

For your perusing pleasure, here are the worst of the worst, the crème de la crème of horribly bad restaurant designs. We hope you like design fails as much as we do, so please enjoy this list in its entirety, click on the upvote button next to fails that you think are worth it, and remember to share with your friends.

You can find more of Bored Panda’s captivating lists about crappy designs and design fails here, here, here, here, here, and here. And here’s one more. So make some popcorn (and save some for us!) because there are plenty of designs to look at and make fun of!

More info: Reddit

#1 This Painting Inside A Local “Fancy” Restaurant

Image credits: hotdogfinatic

#2 This Really “Artsy” Mirror At A Fancy Restaurant

Image credits: TheCasualJedi

#3 Polish Restaurant – Three Cooks…

Image credits: QuiZr

Bored Panda had previously reached out to the ‘Crappy Design’ subreddit’s moderators to learn a bit more about the community.

“The original motivation for the subreddit was to point out crappy designs. Nowadays, most subscribers probably come here for entertainment,” the subreddit’s team told Bored Panda. “However, it is common to have meaningful discussion here on why or why not something is crappy design.”

#4 Front Desk At Restaurant In Northern Virginia

Image credits: Oc70b3r

#5 Wall Painting, That Included Shutterstock Watermark. Took This Photo In Some Cafe In Vietnam

Image credits: korneplod_turneps

#6 “Lets Just Make Our Plates Look Like They Haven’t Been Washed In 4 Years”

Image credits: RCoder01

The community’s moderators also said that “the subreddit was created 8 years ago. Currently, there are 1.7 million subscribers with over 2 million page views per month. It is very popular.” At the time of the interview, the community was indeed 1.7 million people strong; since then, however, it has grown to a whopping 1.8 million followers!

#7 A Restaurant In Sicily That Just Ruined My Childhood

Image credits: oddmatter

#8 This Is The Logo For A “New York Style” Pizza Place In Ponce, Pr

Image credits: noel-13

#9 Anyone Want Some Thai Food?

Image credits: ItsAllenPalin

The Balance writes that there are several things you can do to improve your restaurant’s interior layout and design. For example, when thinking of how many seats you want to squash into your restaurant, you should aim for a golden balance between profit and atmosphere.

#10 This Restaurant In London (Waiters Love It)

Image credits: September89

#11 Menu At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Zargaith94

#12 This Disastrous Thing In A German Restaurant

Image credits: EasyChoiceYT

Furthermore, some tables are naturally considered to be ‘bad’ if they’re near the main entrance, the bathrooms or the kitchen; partitions, plants or even screens can help improve the situation.

#13 Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

Image credits: lavitaetroppobreve

#14 The Design Of These Plates At A Restaurant Makes It Look Like They Are Dirty

Image credits: Jetwynn

#15 I Love Eating At Restaurant Logo Here

Image credits: vaguevisibility

Cleanliness in restaurant bathrooms should be one of the top priorities, as should be good air conditioning and pleasant music to keep your customers comfortable. However, even these helpful tips might not be enough to hide serious design fails in some restaurants.

#16 Lights In Restaurant Look Like Dangling Condoms

Image credits: fiirebolte

#17 This Indian Restaurant Was In A Basement, But Wanted To Created The Sense That It Wasn’t. They Created An Entire Wall Of Fake Windows Looking Out Into Pictures Of A Parking Lot

Image credits: JoffreyGoldblum

#18 Seen In A Restaurant In Texas

Image credits: Kissyface248

#19 This Bowl My Friend’s Dinner Came In

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 One Of My Favorite Restaurants. I Hate To Put Them On Blast, But This Is Too Good Not To Share. The Restaurant Is Called Let’s Do Greek!”

Image credits: steverin0724

#21 This Restaurant Wraps Their Menu Around A Wooden Stick… There Was Absolutely No Explanation Or Purpose To It

Image credits: jookz

#22 French Restaurant Menu

Image credits: truffs1010

#23 This Restaurant’s Sign Uses Both Papyrus And Comic Sans

Image credits: cromonolith

#24 Sewerage Pipe Running Through A Restaurant! The Meal And Staff Were Lovely, Just Couldn’t Get Over The Sound Of Poo Running Past Every Couple Of Minutes

Image credits: madboater

#25 Upscale Restaurant Washroom In London

Image credits: nabeshiniii

#26 This Restaurant Uses Semi-Transparent Frosted Glass For Its Bathroom Stalls

Image credits: futuremistakes

#27 This Trash Can At The Bar Is A Box For A Trash Can

Image credits: captainkman

#28 A Bar I Go To Never Cleans The Dripped Candle Wax

Image credits: kiwimark

#29 The Stylization On This Carl’s Jr Makes It Look Like It Got A One Star Rating

Image credits: Super_Zac

#30 No, This Picture Isnt Blurry… The Menu Is

Image credits: xXxM0RPH3USxXx

#31 Ate At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Nopeasuoli

#32 At An Italian Restaurant….

Image credits: EvilM0nkey

#33 Lets Just Put The Urinal Next To Where The Door Opens So Everyone In The Restaurant Can Watch Me Take A Piss

Image credits: yoeyz

#34 Shitting With A View – Restaurant In Germany

Image credits: postkasten

#35 Bathroom With An Audience At A Chinese Restaurant

Image credits: OutsideStation

#36 This Door In A Restaurant I Went To

Image credits: bloxxor44

#37 Stairs To The Ceiling In Restaurant In Turkey..

Image credits: sadnerva

#38 This Restaurant Just Has A Framed Picture Where A TV Used To Be

Image credits: tommyjoe2

#39 The Modern Art In This Mexican Restaurant Is Just Breathtaking

Image credits: acm44

#40 Walked Into A Chinese Restaurant. Found This In The Bathroom

Image credits: cannasos74

#41 This Menu At Cereal Killer Cafe, London

Image credits: TazmanianDevi1

#42 This Light I Found At A Restaurant Has A Swastika Hiding Inside It

Image credits: Baelgul

#43 This “Chandelier” In A Latvian Pub

Image credits: imgur.com

#44 All Plates At This Restaurant Have This Pattern That Resembles A Single Human Hair Stuck At The Edge

Image credits: 7-methyltheophylline

#45 No Alcohol Beyond This Point

Image credits: Buttons_Magee

#46 Stopped In Wisconsin Today… And I’d Rather Not

Image credits: Skwonkie_

#47 Table For One Please

Image credits: imgur.com

#48 The “Crappy Design” Mother Lode

Image credits: jakeninja

#49 At A Bar. Almost Madea Terrible Mistake

Image credits: potatohead657

#50 This Nutella Cafe In Bali.

Image credits: sambianchetto

#51 When A Trendy Restaurant Attempts To Reinvent The Bathroom Tap…

Image credits: mcwingstar

#52 This Restaurant’s First Letter Is K, So They Put That Letter In Each Of The Windows…

Image credits: MercurySG3M

#53 Went To Go To The Bathroom At A Local Restaurant And Found A Literal “Crappy Design”

Image credits: FritoMatt

#54 This Sign Is In A Hallway By The Bathroom. It’s The Mascot For A Restaurant In Tampa

Image credits: clownfart123

#55 This Clock I Saw At A Restaurant

Image credits: IShouldSleepAlready

#56 You Can See Into The Toilet Room From Outside The Door At This Restaurant

Image credits: eamesheard

#57 Simple Impeccable Water Flow With This Restaurants Bathroom Sink

Image credits: kyranvulpes

#58 Spotted In A Nice Restaurant In Stockholm

Image credits: sealysikes

#59 This Sign Outside Of A Restaurant

Image credits: Sxpl

#60 Poor Taste At A Sushi Restaurant In Kansas City

Image credits: dftitterington

#61 This Giant Lampshade Was Above Our Table At A Restaurant, We Thought It Looked Like An Arsehole

Image credits: lolihull

#62 Mexican Restaurant In Salt Lake City. Scared The Crap Out Of Me When I Opened The Door

Image credits: benkinney

#63 This Statue At An Italian Restaurant

Image credits: Kahviaddiktio

#64 This Sign Makes It Look Like Its Quoting A Fire Extinguisher

Image credits: TronaldPalmer

#65 The Lighting On These Menus

Image credits: eeerin

#66 Why Do They Make You Climb Up Into These Booths? Why Are There Barriers?

Image credits: laurenlongmusic

#67 I Don’t Think They Understand How This Works

Image credits: wordboy107

#68 The Wendy’s Restaurant In Beaver, Utah Got A New Sign

Image credits: Somnioblivio

#69 These Images Give Me Anxiety Everytime I Visit This Cafe. There Are 4 More

Image credits: jshannow

#70 The Decorations On This Hotel Restaurant

Image credits: Rawrnosaur

#71 Found This Masterpiece At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Ysoshes

#72 This Image In The Restaurant Will Haunt Me Forever

Image credits: David_Trancon

#73 Two Different Restaurants. No Affiliation. Located Just Up Ahead

Image credits: Your_Local_Engineer

#74 This Chopstick At A Sushi Restaurant

Image credits: Pedri_Vieira

#75 In A Chinese Restaurant

Image credits: POOTISSWAG

#76 The Bathroom Walls In A King’s Restaurant

Image credits: 2tonerevolution

#77 I’m Concerned About Health Standards In This Restaurant

Image credits: SamwiseGamg33

#78 Seen At A Restaurant In A 5-Star Hotel In Los Angeles

Image credits: DackJ

#79 This Restaurant’s Logo That Looks Like A Health Grade

Image credits: drobinow

#80 The Salt And Pepper Shakers At My Restaurant Job, Not Only Is There No Way To Tell Which One Is Which From The Outside, But The Only Way To Refill Them Is From A Rubber Butt Plug In The Bottom, Which Means You Have To Turn Them Upside Down And Get Stuff Everywhere

Image credits: DuckImFyslexic

#81 A Restaurant Name In Comic Sans. On A Building. Enjoy

Image credits: trashure

#82 This Restaurant’s Menu Has Pictures Of Their Kids Everywhere And Misspellings That I Can’t Understand For The Life Of Me

Image credits: gadget593andahalf

#83 Truly Inspirational Wall Design In A Local Restaurant

Image credits: ThatGuyThere16

#84 Bathroom Sign At A Restaurant In Swansea

Image credits: tyw7

#85 Staying At A Hotel And This Is On The Ceiling In The Hotel Restaurant. Had To Ask One Of The Waitresses What It Meant

Image credits: The-501

#86 The Door In The Bathroom Of This Restaurant Is Made Of Glass

Image credits: Akykef

#87 Guess What This Restaurant Is Called (Ping Pong)

Image credits: sebargh

#88 What If The Restaurant’s Name Is Sample Text?

Image credits: Queen117

#89 Braille Is A Language For The Blind, But It’s Not Like They Have Working Eyes To Read It With… This Restaurant My Bil Went To Didn’t Get It

Image credits: NotObsoleteIfIUseIt

#90 Plates At Japanese Restaurant Look Dirty When They’re Clean

Image credits: _Charbroiled

#91 This Plate I Got At A Restaurant

Image credits: woah_LookAtThat

#92 The Designer For This Restaurant’s Bathroom Clearly Forgot About The Existence Of Curious Children

Image credits: readycent

#93 This Sign For A New Mongolian Restaurant

Image credits: Foobar85

#94 Went To A Fairly New Restaurant, Bathrooms Were Nice Apart From The Sinks, It Was Real Rust

Image credits: Shumaa1

#95 This Multi-Screen Setup In A Restaurant

Image credits: Cello_There_

#96 This Soap Dispenser Above The Trash Can In A Local Restaurant

Image credits: 0rl3

#97 These Slanted Glasses At A Restaurant

Image credits: SlashDiddy

#98 This Urinal In A Restaurant

Image credits: OMGitscarl

#99 Disgusting Restaurant Tiles

Image credits: Kaghiti

#100 Hey, Let’s Make Our Restaurant Tables Tile, Food Particles Totally Won’t Get Stuck Between The Edges And Be Impossible To Clean

Image credits: MegaBurrito91

#101 Crappy Design? Bathroom At Restaurant Carpeted

Image credits: wolfwitwings

#102 These Tables At A Restaurant That Will Destroy Your Kneecaps

Image credits: NavicNick

#103 Is Diet Ice Better For You?

#104 Saw This At A Local Mexican Restaurant… I Think I’ll Wait

Image credits: CarnivorousBeaver

#105 This Is What I Have To Look At While Eating At McDonald’s

Image credits: pretzelzetzel

#106 The Fork And Knife At This Restaurant Are Very Awkward

Image credits: Fishstixxx16

#107 Clearly Missing The Point Of A Digital Menu

Image credits: skryb

#108 Nice Tile Job

Image credits: klashl1

#109 This Bar Put Up A Braille Sign In Lights

Image credits: eclectronic

#110 In Oakville At A Chinese Szechuan Restaurant. Both Fascinated And Confused By The Men’s Washroom Setup

Image credits: sabu.ca

#111 This Restaurant Sign Isn’t Centered

Image credits: tfnydm

#112 Sports Bar’s Undue Effort

Image credits: goodland05

#113 This Cocktail Lounge I Went To Has Bars Of Soap Mounted To The Wall In The Bathroom

Image credits: megatron51

#114 No Extended Bar And Uncomfortable Stools

Image credits: moretodolater

#115 Clearly A Tall Man Designed This Bathroom

Image credits: itsatimeywineything

#116 I Can’t Get Service?

Image credits: AJD20033

#117 The Slightly Sexist Toilet Doors In A Restaurant In Germany

Image credits: DerKeks68

#118 This Was Hanging In The Bathroom In The Restaurant I Ate At Tonight. Only In China…

Image credits: thethriftytrekker

#119 I’m Glad Restaurants Are Starting To Recognize My Social Place In This World

Image credits: CL4P-TRAP

#120 Sinks I Found In A Bar

Image credits: euan2626

#121 This Sign With The Name Of The Bar

Image credits: Non-ExistentUsername

#122 Toilet Door Design In A Birmingham, UK Bar.

Image credits: ThisIsWallii

#123 Not Sure Wether I‘M At A Restaurant Or A Gay Bar…

Image credits: Criminalpeacocks

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181 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores (New Pics)


We just love thrift shops here at Bored Panda. Since we discovered the awesome Facebook group ”Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared we have been sharing and sharing, and, as well as the new finds below, you can see previous posts here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Oh, and here too! Now that’s a lot of thrift store finds!

So scroll down below to see yet more weird, wonderful and funny thrift store finds and let’s say it all together: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

#1 Was Told I Should Post This Here… Griswald Definitely Approves Of This Garage Sale Find

Image credits: Elisabeth Guetle‎

We know that thrifting is great fun and can be really interesting too, but what are the wider benefits of shopping second hand? With thanks to Unwrinkling, let’s explore some more positive aspects of heading to your local thrift store!

Environmental impact: Re-wearing clothes reduces waste and pollution. Every garment purchased second-hand means one less new one produced, which is important because regardless of material, the production of clothing is costly to the environment. Producing synthetic fibers like polyester requires lots of energy, as well as crude oil like petroleum; byproducts include toxic gases and chemicals. Sadly, pesticides used on most plants mean that even cotton and linen garments have a negative impact. Transportation-related pollution also decreases when clothing is re-used, as new clothes are much more likely to travel long distances before being sold than are their second-hand counterparts.

#2 It’s Really Sweet When You Find A Pair Of Frye Boots At Your Local Goodwill But It’s Even Better When There’s A Can Of Unopened Beer In One Of Them. Icing On The Cake Is When The Beer Is Dated 1986

Whoa… Either these boots haven’t been worn in 33 years or previous owner used the same can to keep the boots straight for a really really long time. What a waste of a beer

Image credits: Kathleen Sawall Van Dinter

#3 Jabba

Image credits: Samantha Anastasia Malone

Social impact: Thrift stores make it easier to know where your money is going. To track the money you handed over for that brand-new Old Navy polo, you would need to trace the brand back to the corporation behind it, the assembly factories used by the corporation, their textile providers, and those textile providers’ raw materials suppliers—at a bare minimum.

In evaluating all these steps (and the many others involved in the production chain), there are numerous considerations to keep in mind: Was your farmer using environmentally responsible methods? Was your seamstress of legal working age, paid a fair wage to work in a safe factory? Is the corporation behind it the kind you want to support, or one whose views you wouldn’t like to see perpetuated?

In short, it can be a bit of a nightmare to track the impact of your seemingly trivial purchase. However, with most thrift stores, this burden is greatly reduced. For better or worse, the original purchaser’s money has already supported the whole chain of production that led to your second-hand Old Navy polo. Since most thrift stores in Europe, North America, and Australia rely heavily (if not exclusively) on donated clothing, this means you only have to question one link in the whole chain—the store right in front of you.

Many thrift stores also directly support charity. It’s no coincidence that in the UK and Ireland, the term “thrift store” doesn’t even exist—they call them “charity shops” instead. In America, the best-known thrift stores are Goodwill and The Salvation Army, organizations which provide services to the unemployed, homeless, and disabled. In Europe, NGOs like Oxfam commonly use thrift stores to raise funds for humanitarian aid. By shopping at these kinds of establishments, your clothing purchase can go from supporting Third World child labor to supporting Third World children’s’ education.

#4 Saw This Masterpiece At A Car Boot Sale, I Didn’t Buy It But When I Got Home I Wished I Had

Image credits: Dolly Olly

#5 I Found The Perfect Item To Celebrate My Divorce From The Husband From Hell In A Few Weeks. Smells Like A Good Night Sleep Knowing I’m Not Being Cheated On

Image credits: Anna France

Personal impact: Thrifted clothing offers more room for uniqueness. While it’s not the end of the world to see some other guy sporting the same sweater as you, most of us would choose to avoid such incidents, if possible. Since thrifted clothing infrequently comes in multiples, you’re much less likely to bump into someone wearing the exact same thing. In addition, there’s bound to be lots of clothes that were produced decades ago, or on the other side of the country, or in some other circumstance that makes them different than what the average shopper is buying off the sale rack at the mall.

Thrift shopping allows for more creativity. Thrift stores are notorious for the wacky and bizarre items they often contain. (Remember Macklemore’s footed Batman jammies?) While these items can be downright eyesores, many just need a person with vision to re-interpret them in a contemporary way. For some, this may mean simply adding the right accessories; others may completely reconstruct their garment with shears and a trusty Singer. Either way, thrifting can allow one to do more than mindlessly mimic what one sees on the display-window mannequin, by providing more varied and interesting materials as inspiration.

Sources: Unwrinkling, The Ecologist

#6 Yeah, I’m Impulsive.. But.. I’ve Wanted One For Everrrr! And.. My Birthday Is Coming Up… And.. He Was Only $220! Their Loss

Image credits: Judith Langevin Young

#7 Dwight Shrute Was Here

Image credits: Virginia Platek-Edwards

#8 This Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Amber Parks

#9 Who Is This Coffee Table For? Dachshunds?

Image credits: Carolyn Hurley‎

#10 Benadryl Cabbagepatch Pillowcase Anyone? It’s Signed!

Image credits: Melissa Morgan

#11 Yup- It’s Coming Home!

Image credits: Katherine Break

#12 Teeny Tiny Fully Functional Knife With Mother Of Pearl Handle

I got this year’s ago at a garage sale and it lives on a shelf next to my bed. You know for protection against leprechauns, gnomes and fairies

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#13 I Talked My Husband Into Helping Me Bring This Home From Work. He Totally Indulges My Whimsy

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds

#14 One Of My Favorite Finds! Found In An Antique Store In Florida. Unopened Bottle Of Poison. You Can’t Tell Here But The Pills Are All Coffin Shaped… The Store Had An Opened Bottle As Well

Image credits: Cheri Lee

#15 I Found Some Interesting Things At An Amazing Estate Sale Recently. This One Was The Best ! Only $5,000

Image credits: Allison Conrad‎

#16 I Found A Baby Dinosaur

Image credits: Zachary Bohmer‎

#17 The Most Extra Landline Phone I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Kimmy Romstad‎

#18 Dear Anatomy Man Suit, You’re Horrible And I Love You. Totally Worth Every Penny Of The $7.50 I Paid. The Absolute Best-Worst Purchase Ever

Image credits: Alisha Stone

#19 Found These Awesome Gems In One Of My Grandpa’s Boxes. My Son Is Modeling On How To Wear Them Properly To Protect Yourself From, Well, You Know. I Will Be Wearing These At Work Tomorrow

Image credits: Meghan Wiley

#20 Seen Yesterday At Hartville Flea Market In Ohio. I Did Not Buy It, But Had A Good Laugh!

Image credits: Laurie Rolan

#21 Found The Oddest But Most Perfect Leash/Lead For Our Little Dachshund Today In The Local Charity Shop

Image credits: Katherine Rea

#22 Hair Brush For Bald Heads Found This At A Thrift Store In Loveland, CO

Image credits: Siobhan Morrison‎

#23 I Work In A Historic House/Museum. The People Previously In Charge Were… Kinda Hoarder-Y. Found This Gem Boxed Up On A Shelf, And While I’m A Woman Of Many Words… I Had None

Image credits: Rebecca E. Chippendale‎

#24 This Sign

Image credits: Marissa Lewis

#25 From The Elephants Trunk Flea Market- Bucket ‘O Teeth

Image credits: Marie Juergens

#26 Stumbled Upon This Used Book Arch A Local Couple Kept In Their Barn Outside Pittsburgh A Few Months Ago And Begged My Boyfriend To Let Me Buy It For Our Wedding

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#27 This May Come Home With Me

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#28 One Of My Most Favorite Items Is My Hand Chair

I had wanted one of these for practically my entire life, it was my kitsch unicorn, so when I saw it for only a 100 bucks I jumped all over it. Pretty sure it contributed to the demise of my last relationship but I will take this chair over him any day of the week.

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#29 And Just When My Paranoia Starts To Go Away… $350 At Shadylane Antique Mall In Terre Haute, IN

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#30 Greatest Single Thing I Have Ever Seen In A Flea Market. She Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#31 How Weird Is This?

Image credits: Karen Bakita‎

#32 This Sign

Image credits: Tanya L. Parker

#33 Very Strange Pillow Case I Found So Weird I Had To Have It Lol

Image credits: April Marie Kruse

#34 For Sale At My Local Library

Image credits: Amber Finberg‎

#35 Who Doesn’t Love A Good Old Fashioned Guillotine To Scare Their Houseguests?

Back story- my husband is addicted to garage sales and found me this beauty. Halloween is my most favorite holiday. Ipso facto I am a wildly happy wife at the moment. 

Image credits: Sydney Dinicola

#36 I Know This Was Posted By Someone Else That Didnt Take It Home, So I Went Out First Thing And Tracked It Down!

Image credits: Anna Moore

#37 My Goodwill Find

Image credits: Sarah Davis

#38 An Actual Human Brain Preserved In Resin. Hell Yes I Brought It Home! $6

Image credits: Aaron Padilla‎

#39 I C A N T Springfield, MO

Image credits: Sam Hargis

#40 Maybe Not Weird, But Just Happened To Find This T-Shirt At A Local Thrift Store The Same Day I Was Canning Green Beans! And Only Paid .10 Cents!

Image credits: Carolyn Smith‎

#41 Fell In Love With This Cute Chair Today. Totally Nothing Weird About It. Until The First Layer Of Fabric Came Off

Image credits: Ruby Cowan‎

#42 Someone Worked So Hard On These Harry Potter Cat Paintings! But I Left Them Where They Were In Grass Valley, CA

Image credits: Emily Ann

#43 Found On My Birthday In Gainesville, GA. For 50 Cents, I Had To Bring It Home

Image credits: Polly Evans-Thomas‎

#44 Creepy Metal Doll Head Mold, Found In Nashville. I Was Thinking A Bathroom Light Fixture With Lighted Eyes

Image credits: Jeremy Baker

#45 My 1960s Inflatable Terrarium Stool Dreams Just Came True Thnx To My Dedicated Vintage Furniture Sleuthing Boyfriend

Image credits: Rachael Boswell

#46 Either I Robbed Liberace’s Grave Or I’m Telling People They’re The Next Contestant On The Price Is Right

Me: this can’t be a men’s jacket. Tag: “Men’s sequin jacket” me: no way. This isn’t gonna fit. *fits perfectly* me: no friggin way this is coming home, there’s no price tag. Goodwill clerk: $6.00 for the jacket. Me: sold.

Image credits: Gary Ashley

#47 A Granny Wig For My Old Rescue Poodle Girl Sarah 2 Days After She Came To Live With Me. The Wig Was Perfect

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#48 What Is It? A Jenny Haniver. Google It. Fascinating!

I purchased this and was crazy giddy. Back history. I celebrate my birthday by having a white elephant bingo party every year. Twelve of my best friends and I gather and enjoy lavishly wrapped gifts that may or may not be of your liking. You can exchange all night long until the end.

I wanted the best gift this year and shopped early. I put out a request for weird gifts. Hoping for creepy doll or other fascinating delights. I got a pm from a lady saying she has a dead thing that creeps her out. Perfect. I was interested. When I saw it – I knew this would be the gift that topped all gifts. I put it out on our porch and sprayed it to seal it. Then we were going to resin him to keep him safe. While this was going on… the neighbor dog took him and consumed him. I was CRUSHED. This was the find… that is no longer… I’m still looking for a gift for our party in April if you have some ideas. . Wasn’t it wonderful? 

I lightly sprayed with a clear coat. When I got him he was still decomposing – the smell was horrid for human buts amazing for bugs. They were eating it and I didn’t want them to take him entirely. So, I sprayed a light layer of clear coat and put in the sun. It was our rare 90 degree Alaskan weather that week. The dog has been back several times. This was a month ago. All is good. 

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#49 Local Tulsa Clay Artists. Titled “Grandma” It’s $59.95

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#50 Just Brought Home This Bad Boy From Goodwill. I Absolutely Cannot Wait To Use It At Work On Tuesday

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#51 I Have Had This For Years And I Love It. Literally One Of My Favorite Things In My Kitchen. My Daughter Thinks It’s Creepy And Won’t Use It

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#52 Sizing It Up At Vintage Avenger In Arcata, California

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#53 Goodwill Daly City, CA

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#54 A Giant Sealed Box Of Cicada Shells. Yes, It Definitely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#55 Adopted A Baby On Labor Day

Image credits: Daren Dobson‎

#56 Found These Beautiful Napkins At Our Local Value World (Metro Detroit). They Absolutely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Dotty Dart

#57 I Think I Lost My Mind When I Found This At A Thrift Store

Image credits: Ciera René

#58 Halloween Is Out At My Goodwill!

Image credits: Diane Stephens‎

#59 My Golden Girl High Top Shoes I Found At Value Village In Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. These Gems Deff Came Home With Me And They Stay In My Glass Case

Image credits: Amanda McLeod‎

#60 A Friend And I Went To A Antique Shop In Gatlinburg And We Saw A Box Labeled “WW2 Letters”. 21 Letters Corresponded Between A Miss Ilaine And A Mr. Elias. We Started Reading Them And We Knew We Had To Buy Them

The letters are funny, sweet, and just heartfelt. We found out they these two married, had kids, and grandkids. They are no longer alive though

Image credits: Lindsy Louise Wolke

#61 Found This Gem And Couldn’t Believe My Eyes. Paid $10 For It, Thought It Was Just His Hammer Till I Saw Those Clasps

Image credits: Corrina Scheetz

#62 Have You Ever Seen A Cooler TP Dispenser?

Image credits: John Schuske

#63 My Husband Found This Hideous Jump Suit At The Goodwill

Much to my chagrin, he refused to leave it there. Now he won’t take it off and is wearing it as pajamas and also wants to wear it out to the mall

Image credits: Brittany Gordner

#64 It Says “Use A F**king Coaster”

Image credits: Libby Barbercheck

#65 This Is By Far The Weirdest Thing I’ve Found At My Local Goodwill. Looking Back, It Should Have Come Home With Me

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#66 Found At Many Hands Thrift Shop In Spencer, Ia Me For Scale (I’m 5’9″)

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#67 My Friend Left Me This In My New Bathroom! 4.5 Stars!!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#68 I Found This Lovingly Hand Painted Trouserless Bearded Viking In Blue Tunic That Uncannily Resembles My Husband That Time He Stood Up At A Festival And His Breeches Didn’t Follow. Yes, I Bought It

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#69 A Rubber Severed Arm Signed By Chuck Palahniuk (Author Of Fight Club) I Scored At The Reuse Center In Ann Arbor, Mi It Did *not* Cost Me An Arm And(/Or) A Leg. It Was A Dolla!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#70 Found In Cary, North Carolina. The Tag Cracks Me Up! Did Not Make It Home With Me

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#71 Best. Find. Ever!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#72 Found In The Toy Section Of The Arc In Colorado Springs It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#73 Original Bob Ross Gold Pan. Paid $10 Because It Was Half Off

Apparently he painted them when he was stationed in Alaska as a member of the air force. This was an awesome find because my husband was a crew chief in the air force 20 years and I am an artist so it’s a win win

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#74 It’s A Murder Mystery Writers Desk Teapot I Found At Value Village For $10, And I Just Found The Kitchen Sink Teapot At Goodwill For $5 I Think 2 Makes It A Collection, Right?

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#75 My Thrift Store Find Of The Day… Bananbrella! $3.00, This Will Be Going Everywhere With Me!

Image credits: Sarah Potter

#76 I Wish I Knew What The Rest Of The Set Looked Like. Definitely Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Suzi Brown

#77 Found At Goodwill In Fayetteville, AR. The Regrets Are Strong, Until We Meet Again My Love

Image credits: Emily Puckett

#78 Found This Amazing Ensemble At An Op Shop. The Second Photo Is An Actual Photo Of My Sister Handing Me The Outfit And The Third Is Me In An Alternate Universe Where It Fit Me Perfectly

Image credits: Anita Maricic

#79 Found This Giant Mug Today At The Local Goodwill

Image credits: Candace Lollygagher Keefauver

#80 Minature Clawfoot Tub: $.50. Watching My, Bathtime-Loving, Turtle’s Eyes Light Up, Because She Can Now Bathe In Style: Priceless -Found At A Goodwill In Clarksville, TN

Image credits: Jeannie Almonte‎

#81 Take A Seat. This Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Trish Bahl

#82 This Was A Weird Find Of The Day. Pretty Heavy And A Little Tall, Not Sure If The Flowers Came With The Vase

Image credits: Nikky Ruiz

#83 Definitely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Jason DeMoe

#84 Best $10 I’ve Ever Spent. Thanks Wendy Woodyard For The Heads Up The Flowers Are Handmade Out Of Paper

Image credits: Lauren Eliassen

#85 I Am 80 Years Old – This Is A Tiny Pottery Jug I Found In The Dirt Road I Lived On When I Was A Child

Image credits: Cindy Robertson Sims

#86 Beetle Juice Bombay. Yes It Did Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Kari Overbey‎

#87 Found This Guy On The Side Of The Road. The Elderly Man Getting Rid Of Him Told Me It’s Because His Wife Can’t Stand Looking At It Anymore And It’s Crack In It’s Back

He was pretty upset over it and mentioned he had this guy for over 35+ years. Currently working on restoring him! Yesterday was dedicated to cleaning, gluing and filling. Today once the filler is done and it stops raining, I’ll be sanding and sealing. Thinking about gifting this guy back to the elderly man

Image credits: Michelle Bermudez

#88 I Went To Goodwill To Look For An Alarm Clock For My Kid And She Saw This And Said, “Mom, Its Bumblebee, You Have To Try It On”. So I Did! Then She Said, “It Fits, You Gotta Get It”

It came home with me. My legs are a bit shorter than its legs but oh well, and yes its see through. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet! Maybe get a mannequin for my car and dress it up so I can always ride with a psychedelic buddy!

Image credits: Erika Marrero

#89 I Really Want To Buy These For My Friend Who Is A Produce Clerk!

Image credits: Corin Chamberlain

#90 This Mcdonalds Quarter Pounder

Image credits: Amorette Dye

#91 Life Sized Clown. Hastings UK. Didn’t See The Price, I Was Too Busy Backing Away!

Image credits: Allyson Breeds

#92 This Ridiculous Thing Cost Me $2

Image credits: Ashley Margaret‎

#93 My 1960 Lee West Alpha Egg Chair Sitting In All Its Magnificent Glory In Our Home! It Has Speakers Inside That Still Work Perfectly And Came With Original Ottoman And Side Table!

Image credits: Brenden Shanks‎

#94 Saw This Incredible 14 Seater Table And Chairs Today. Anyone Got A Castle They Need A Table And Chairs For? Brotherhood Of St. Lawrence Op Shop In Bayswater, Victoria, Australia

Image credits: Megan Dennis‎

#95 Instructional Figurine Set On “How To Clap Your Hands”

Image credits: AEgina Graham‎

#96 Found At Goodwill. Now I Can Pretend That I’m A Rich Bitch With An Elevator In Her House

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#97 It’s A Table!!! It’s Solid Wood And Has No Drawers And The Books Do Not Open! As For The Size, In The Picture It’s Sitting On My Ver Large Couch And Covers Almost A Whole Cushion. It’s Approx 2-2.5ft Tall

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#98 Found At An Antique Store In Greenwood, Mo. Now I Have A Seemingly Irrational Urge To Go Buy Old Photos And Get Out My Paint Markers

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#99 Wonder Woman In Her Senior Years I Guess

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#100 Meet “Bubo”! A 1960’s Am Radio From Japan. I Found Him Looking A Little Worse For The Wear And Tagged “As Is” At A Local Antique Mall In Cashmere, Washington

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#101 I Bought This Sweet Ass Jumpsuit Yesterday. Am I In The Club Now. Meowwww

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#102 Meet Marvin. He Is So Handsome

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#103 We Found This Mixed Into A Bag Of Play Doh Toys. Optional Peanut And Corn For Added Realism

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#104 Went Through A Box I Inherited Of My Grandparents Knick-Knacks And Came Across This Beautiful Gem. Tiny Little Ceramic Kittys Drinking And Playing In Spilled Milk

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#105 Saw This At A Flea Market Today. And No, I Didn’t Buy It

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#106 I Found This Beauty This Morning At The Flea Market. It Is A Perfect Blend Of Vigo The Carpatian From Ghost Busters 2 And A Kitten. They Were Asking $5. I Paid $3. Worth Every Penny

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#107 Belarski’s Portraits Of Servicemen Were Done In Hospitals Of Men Who Were Wounded. There Is One On Ebay Currently For $350. You Can See The Faint Outline Of A Pillow In That Drawing!

While searching for pencil drawings to use as examples for the free art class for veterans that I teach in Medford, NJ, I found this piece this morning at the Columbus Flea Market. The soldier was a relative of the seller and no one wanted the piece, but the artist, Rudolph Belarski, is a well known pulp fiction and magazine illustrator. He left school at 12. Worked in a coal mine for ten years while he took mail order art classes! He was too old for WWII but worked with the USO making portrait drawings of soldiers in England and the United States. $2.00.

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#108 There’s Actually More Than Pictured Here But There Was A Woman Standing In Front Of Them And I Didn’t Want To Get Her In It

Things I know about these shoes: 

-they were in the young boys section

-they only came in this color green

-there’s only one size

– they were a sort of corduroy texture 

-they were kinda puffy? Like slippers

-they’re in Savers, in Hanover MA, if you guys want them.

-they’re $5.49

-once I took the picture I tried to leave immediately because I was getting some weird vibes and there was a very tiny women in my way who aggressively stared me down and it made me feel like i stumbled across something I wasn’t meant to

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#109 This Speaks To Me

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#110 Goodwill Is Selling All These Empty Table Legs! Just Need A Top And You’re Good To Go!


Image credits: Mike Ratini‎

#111 I Finally Have A Post To Share! Found At Goodwill. No I Didn’t Buy Them


Image credits: Helen Ousley Figueiredo‎

#112 It’s Purpose Is Unclear, It Also Weighs About 20 Pounds. Sadly, The Skirt Was Too Big So It Had To Go Back On The Rack. Goodwill In Menomonie, Wi


Image credits: Cameron Shaye

#113 Ok So, Only Weird Because This LEGO Figure Looked Alot Like Me At The Time….


Image credits: Elizabeth Moore‎

#114 Cute Little Kangaroo ! I Left Him Be !


Image credits: Karen Schultz‎

#115 I Went To A Yard Sale And This Was All I Could See. I Bought Clothes And She Gave It To Me For Free! Edited To Add: They Are Salt And Pepper Shakers. I’d Love To See Yours. I Guess I Collect These Now!


Image credits: Brigette Ann‎

#116 So This Is A Nifty Little Something I Got At A Thrift Store In South Carolina Several Years Ago For $4.25. It Is A Little Over 11 Inches Tall, Is Made Of Gold And Silver, And Weighs Approximately 1.25 Pounds


 When I found it, it was covered with what seemed like cigar smoke residue, and it looked like it was made of brass. It is called a “bridal cup” or in german, a “jugendfraubecher”. They are popularly used in japan england, and throughout europe and germany where they originated in 1450 a.d. in nuremberg.  

  The bride and groom can toast their marriage with it and drink from the same cup at the same time without spilling a drop as the legend of the original prescribes. The legend says that the cup was made by an illiterate gold and silversmith who had won the maiden Brunnehilde’s heart. Her father said he could only have her hand if he could make a cup that both of them could drink from at the same time without spilling a drop. The figurine’s skirt is a cup, and she holds a cup on a swivel over her head. The king was won over and his daughter married the commoner and they all lived happily ever after. 

   As it turns out, when I looked more closely at this piece, I realized it was not a production piece with industrial markings, but rather was a one of a kind hand-made piece using incredibly primitive methods. Turns out this piece may actually be the original nuremberg jugendfraubecher of 1450 a.d.  

   The German foreign ministry checked logs of lost and stolen artifacts from the war and we did not find an owner looking for it. Then they had two experts examine photos to see if it was possibly the original and a cultural treasure.  

   The experts agreed that there was no picture or detailed knowledge of the original to ever be sure, but that this one fit the description in every way except that it did not have pomegranates decorating it. Turns out the pomegranates run down both sides of it and they had examined picture from the front and back.  

   I will be taking it to nuremberg germany where I am confident the local chamber of commerce will assist with finding it’s proper place in culture. I am sure it is insanely valuable, but it is not something a person can really own. If it turns out to be a worthy example and possibly the original, it belongs in nuremberg Germany for the world to enjoy. Their local museum has a silver jugendfraubecher from around 1600 when they started to become popularized. 1600 is also when the rest of the industry developed the technology to reliably copy the original.

  This bridal cup was made by fusing curved plates with molten gold and silver, and then the excess was shaved away and polished. The thickness of the sides of the skirt cup varies a great deal, and it looks like parts of the engraving on some of the plates got too hot and softened during the assembly. Up close you can see the handwork and surface engraving around the silver inlays. The figurine in the middle was cast as a single piece and the face and hands of silver were fused onto it.  

  I suspect that the figurine is either gold, or was cast in silver and then hot dipped in gold. A scratch on the back does not show any silver, but perhaps gold dipping or some other crude plating method might have put it on thick.

   The latticework in the hands that holds the cup aloft are obviously solid cast gold, because you can see where somebody cut away some pieces, possibly desperate to raise money to flee germany before the war. I still have a gut feeling this piece left Germany in the 1930’s or early 1940’s.  

   The sides of the cup are a mystery too, because it would only make sense to use silver plates and fuse them with molten gold because gold has a lower melting point. After that the assembled cup could have been gilded or plated crudely. The thing is that the boundaries between the silver and gold parts on the outside of the cup look like they bleed into each other in places, and at others it looks like a sloppy gilding or plating around the silver accents. One fellow who examined it said he thinks the silver was laid into the accents of the curved plates when they were cast in gold, and then the maker cleaned up the worst areas that had bled into the gold by plating over them.  

   Ultimately the gold and silver content do not mean much because it is the crafting of the piece that is miraculous whether mostly silver or mostly gold. If it is from 1450 a.d., then I am told that the gold used is possibly king solomons gold brought back from the crusades. 

   If we can date it with metallurgy or some other technology, that would be our best likelihood of authenticating it as the likely original. It is entirely possible this is an amazing homage to the original from a more recent time, but was apparently never used as a fake, because we would have heard about that in the news of the day, and it would be an insane ammount of money to spend making it and no cashing in.

  As for an estimated value, it might just be an amazing old jugendfraubecher of unknown origin worth several to a hundred thousand bucks or so depending on the age and other factors. If it is found to be the likely original, then it has no price because it was never mine but to be a custodian. If it turns out to be something to sell, I am giving half to the thrift store where I got it, and the other half goes to my favorite charity. That is, after they have reimbursed me for the $4.25 I paid for it.

   At the very least I have been enjoying a great adventure in finding out what it is.

Image credits: John Truman Long

#117 I Yelled So Loud Everyone In The Store Looked

Image credits: Corrine Pride

#118 This Throne Was Up For Sale For $24 At Goodwill In Houston, Texas. Fit For A Princess!

Image credits: Kalyani Giri

#119 When You Got A Sermon At 8 But Also Gotta Slay Vampires Later. Decatur, Al

Image credits: Montanna Murphree

#120 Saw This At My Local GW And Recognized It As A Project From Woodshop In HS… Turned It Over To See If I Knew Who Made It And It’s My Sister In Law’s!

Image credits: Tricia Goodrich

#121 For Some Reason Nobody Else Likes Her When They Come Into My House. Found Her About A Year Ago At Goodwill, For $2

Image credits: Chelsea Sippel

#122 Found This Graceful Lady In A Thrift Store A Few Years Ago. My Mother Thought She Was A Bit Too Risque, So I Made Her Clothes

Image credits: Angie Larson

#123 Wilhelmina Slater (Aka Willie) Loves Her Chair. I Think She Needs A Couch

Image credits: Elizabeth Edwardsen‎

#124 Just Came Across This For $40 At A Tip Shop

Image credits: Jenna O'Brien

#125 I Only Meant To Get Lunch, Somehow I Picked This Up Instead

Image credits: Rich Kiska

#126 Yep

Image credits: Eric Larsen

#127 Just A Little Piggy Bank That Was My Grandpa’s

Image credits: Beth Barten

#128 My Precious Mil Is An Art Teacher And We Found Him At Our Church’s Garage Sale For 50¢. He Now Resides In Her Paint Studio

Image credits: Kelly Beamand

#129 This Magnificent Lamp! $8 At The Thrift Store

Image credits: Katie Kasberg

#130 For Years I Would Look At Craigslist Hoping Someone Would Post Some Of My Grandma’s Things

Not sure how weird, but more like the universe righting a wrong. My grandmother inherited 2 beautiful bronze statues from her cousin(who was also one of my most favorite people in the world). I always loved the statues and would sit and stare at them as a child when I would go to my grandma’s house. As I got older, I only grew to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that went into making the statues even more. On one visit with my grandma she asked me if there was anything I wanted when she passed on. Not wanting to even think about her passing away, I was hesitant but she brought up the statues cause she knew how much I loved them. I agreed that yes I would love to have them. Through the years I became more distant from my family, except my grandmother. When my grandma died, my family made it very clear that my partner (and support system) was not welcome to come with me. Not wanting to make things uncomfortable, especially for myself, I decided not to go at all and held my own little ceremony for my grandma. Well, I asked about a will but was told there was not one, which I don’t believe and was told that one family sold off all of my grandma’s things to pay off his debts. So no one got anything, again, not sure that I believe all of that. But anyway, for years I would look at craigslist hoping someone would post some of my grandma’s things. Of course I wanted the statues but would have taken anything at that point. 5 years went by and I was giving up hope. I was laying in bed, it was around midnight, and I decided to look on facebook marketplace. I put the location to where she lived and typed in “Bronze statues” and there they were!!! My girls popped up at an antique store. I cried quietly and could hardly sleep. The next morning I got in touch with the store owner and well….Here they are. I sometimes still can’t believe they are in my home. I love them so much!!!!

Image credits: Andrea Feicke

#131 “Sample Text Here”. Dress At Oakland Salvation Army

Image credits: Romy Douglass

#132 Found At The Gallatin, Tn Goodwill

It was half off today but I still couldn’t bring myself to deprive others of this marvelous, festive sweater

Image credits: Alicia Gwartney Cornstubble

#133 Found In Revival In Shawnee Kansas Edit. She Is Super Expensive And Did Not Come Home With Me. She Is $58

Image credits: Canaan Hart Gonzalez

#134 Found Today At Local Oddities Store In Fort Wayne,indiana

Image credits: Lori Morris

#135 It Does Work, There Is A Storm Coming

Image credits: Judi Hiscox

#136 I Finay Found Something To Share

Image credits: Grace Andrews

#137 I Appreciate The Repurpose Of This Precious Moments Figurine

Image credits: Erica Vaughn

#138 You Know What They Say… One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#139 Found Hulk Hogan For A Whopping $445. He Did Not Come Home With Me And I’m Having Instant Regret

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#140 $4 In The Halloween Section And I Leveled Up In Cat Lady

Guess who found one of those cat pouch sweatshirts at goodwill? This gal! Guess who’s cat doesn’t absolutely hate it like I thought she would? This ecstatic gal!!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#141 Found This Interesting Piece At An Antique Shop In Flagstaff, Az. This Was Used In A Movie Prop

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#142 I’m Putting A Plant In This Tiny Bathtub When I Get Home

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#143 These Guys Were Calling My Name. The First Two Are Gollum, #3 Is A Panda Plant & Jade, #4 Is A Goldfish Plant!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#144 Found At Goodwill For $8

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#145 By Far My Favorite Thrift Find Ever. Beavis And Butthead Nesting Dolls!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#146 Gotta Keep Em Separated!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#147 Someone Donated These To The Secondhand Store I Work At

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#148 I Am Constantly Amazed At The Items Available At The Thrift Store! This Useful Beauty Could Be Yours For Just $100

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#149 Hand Carved Marble Salesman Sample Casket Believed Not Newer Than ’30s

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#150 A Sandwich Purse! Priced At $150.00, That’s Too Much Bread For Me!

Image credits: Cathy Larson‎

#151 Pretty Rad Shirt I Found In And Op Shop In Darwin Australia

Image credits: James Jimmybay Hall‎

#152 My Knitting Pig String Holder Is Perfect. Found At An Estate Sale. I Love Knitting And Sewing His Glasses Are Scissors

Image credits: Polly Jensen

#153 I Found A Farm Label Handmade Dress In With The Men’s Shirts And It Seemed Interesting So I Bought It

Cashier made fun of me saying she was going to put it in a bag to make sure I didn’t try to wear it. So of course I put it on as soon as I got home.

Image credits: Adam Phillips

#154 Somebody’s Nana Worked Far To Hard On These For Them To End Up Here!!

Image credits: Colynn Betty Fright Boyd‎

#155 I Found This Beautiful Bottle For $1.99 In Findlay, Oh At A Salvation Army This Summer

It’s UR glass so I’d love to figure out the maker and history behind it. It’s one of my more elaborate pieces and my favorite thrift store find ever

Image credits: Sarah Cooper‎

#156 Rise And Shine, Y’all. Goodwill $.99. Hell Yeah It Came Home With Me

Image credits: Jennifer McGinnis

#157 Vintage Chenille Peacock Bedspread From The Sixties Is Kitty Approved

Image credits: Carrie Conner

#158 Keep It Down Over There I’m On The Phone!

Image credits: Paula Banks Loeffler

#159 Bought This Little Flying V So I Can Properly Shred My Cheddar

Image credits: Shay Gustafson‎

#160 Weird In All The Right Ways Got The Pair For $8

Image credits: Kelly C Hill‎

#161 I Have No Rational Explanation For This Purchase. Found In Goodwill Elkton Md

Image credits: Rowan Disir

#162 This Came Home With Me. It’s Brilliant And Well Crafted

Image credits: Emily Erin

#163 Goggles, Book And Elephant Headwear All 2nd Hand (Habitat Restore) Goodness!

Image credits: April Harrison Driskel

#164 My Two Thrifted Frogs. I Love The Brown One (Toad), But I’ve Never Seen Any With Googly Eyes Like Frog

Image credits: Sarah Overvaag‎

#165 It Reads: “Nov 29 1946 Ed Lee Is A Horses Ass And So Is His Wife”

So. In technical term. I did buy this thing. I bought this house about a year ago, and now I am beginning to demo and redo some areas. I just started with the kitchen, and the very first spot I (literally) kicked in, I found there was a written note.

Image credits: TyAnne Cherise

#166 Fyi, Lots Of People Want To Know About The Maker: The Underside Says Adam Apple 2000. And There’s A Link Below. That’s All We Know About It

Image credits: Pamela Lamm Lehocki

#167 I Got These Bad Boys For $21 (They Also Threw In A Christmas Canvas That Lights Up) Haha! I’m So Excited To Display These

Image credits: Susie Moroney

#168 $20 Clock Lamp I Found At A Local Thrift

Image credits: Zachery Tucker‎

#169 By Far The Weirdest Salt And Pepper Shakers I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Marissa Handley

#170 Bought This Giant Zombie Snail Haunted House Prop Exactly One Year Ago Today At A Swap Meet. My Boy Buster Loves Him

Image credits: Megan Cunningham

#171 Found These Funny Pics In A Thrift Store Today

Image credits: Tracy Webber-Dresser‎

#172 It Definitely Came Home With Me! I Have A Bunch More Weird Stuff Laying Around The House, Just Warming Up

Image credits: Justin Sayers

#173 Found This Very Happy Piggy Today! I Couldn’t Resist, She Now Lives With Me

Image credits: Christine Kaminski Lukasavige

#174 King Tut Thrones… No I Didn’t Bring It Home

Image credits: Robert Bowman

#175 I Found This At An Estate Sale Some Number Of Years Ago

It’s hanging in the downstairs guest bath… One day my 10-yr-old granddaughter comes out and asks ‘shouldn’t that be on the outside of the door?’

Image credits: Rene Stegall Shaw‎

#176 The Blues Clues Chair- 7.99

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#177 Found These Amazing Leather Leaf Shoes In Hannibal, Mo Today

Really wanted to take them home but I have no more room in my suitcase to take them back to New Zealand with me I know I am going to regret not buying them. Size 8 $25

Image credits: Emma Lovett

#178 I Think It Is Worthy

Image credits: Nancy Culliney Reilly

#179 I Thought This Was Cool And Bought It

Image credits: Danette Ferguson Haroldsen

#180 Ariel Has Really Let Herself Go

Image credits: Brian Storey

#181 This Is The Tiniest Set Of Nesting Dolls I’ve Ever Seen. Brother And I Were Crying In Laughter As They Kept Getting Smaller And Smaller

Image credits: Jessica Schermerhorn

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Cat Enjoys Dancing By Itself Like Nobody’s Watching


Have you ever had a feeling like life with your cat(s) is pretty much a Toy Story movie? Like they would get up and do something weird when you’re not in their sights .. Well these images below will pretty much explain everything. When we were thinking all our feline friends do every day is eat, sleep and watch the birds on the sky, this cat came up with a different idea. This cat perhaps spent a lot of time watching multiples of ballet shows to have such skills. You can tell by these photos below that the cat totally

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Cat Took Over A Supermarket In London


Cats do whatever they want without your permission and don’t even think to tell them what to do. If they want to rule a supermarket, you are not able to stop. This cat was first spotted on November, 2016 at supermarket in London. Later then he was identified as Olly Oliver, a six years old cat. The cat was taken outside by the store security since he was not allowed to be there. But stopping a cat doing what it wants is simple impossible. If you read our article about two cats which were keeping to enter a museum in

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Cat Helps Her Owner Get Back Inside The House


When everyone thinks that dogs are loyal companions, willing to sacrifice everything for their owners and in the other hand, cats are lazy and selfish, who simply pretend to care and only when they’re unable to get something they want by themselves. Well, the world is not just black and white. And this Boko cat’s story is here to prove it! So one day, Boko’s owner, Gabby, left Boko at home so Gabby could walk her sister Isabelle to school. When Gabby returned home she realized that she forgot to bring her keys. At that time she was at the

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This Plumber Sends A $0 Invoice To A 91 Y.o. Cancer Patient For Fixing Her Boiler


Not every hero wears capes, apparently, some of them come dressed in a plumber’s clothes. Recently, a plumber from Burnley, Lancashire named James Anderson gained well-deserved recognition for his heroic deed. After one of his clients’ daughter shared an invoice she received, the man went viral for waiving the fee of a 91-year-old woman who is suffering from terminal cancer.

More info: crowdfunder.co.uk | justgiving.com | Facebook | Facebook

Anderson, the 52-year-old father of 5 and grandfather of 3, was called to fix Christine Anne Rowlands’ mother’s boiler. After the work was done, the woman asked how much she was supposed to pay and was promised an invoice. Once it was emailed to her,  Rowlands was taken aback by the total of the invoice which was £0.

The reason behind Anderson’s kindness was that Rowlands’ mother is suffering from terminal cancer, so instead of billing the family £480, the plumber waived the fee.

The kind act is not an isolated event, in fact, it is part of a greater initiative.

In 2017, Anderson established a non-profit called Depher CIC whose purpose is to carry out free plumbing services to those people who are often left forgotten – seniors and disabled customers.

Since the initiative was brought to life, it has helped over 2,000 people in need.

The heroic work James Anderson does can be hardly ignored. After the invoice went viral, people all over the world praised him for the way he serves his community. Click here if you want to help Anderson continue his admirable work.

Here’s how people reacted

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