Virtual University Learning Management System (VULMS)

VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System)

VULMS is set to offer the instructive strides in pieces and gatherings with the goal that you can never miss an update. It is the VULMS that goes about as a springboard for the understudies to investigate online substance containing both the courses and sound video addresses. By utilizing the VULMS, the understudies can without much of a stretch track the news by essentially opening up the necessary gathering. VULMS is the device for the new understudies as they can’t walk around and there and rather they simply can look over the VULMS and get all the stuff.


It is application programming for the organization of various exercises in instruction and business. It is as often as possible utilized in the instruction division and serves to oversees and conveys all the data seeing on the web content just as warnings. It covers pretty much every territory of an instructive office and assists understudies with preferring an educator. That is the reason the Virtual University contacts to the understudies by means of VULMS. The new enlisting understudies can without much of a stretch visit and check all the data on the foundation of VULMS.


VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System)

Motivation behind VULMS ?

The point of the VULMS is straightforward, just to encourage the understudies as it is a finished bundle for the understudies to recognize what they need to loosen. VULMS offers and controls the whole course at one spot including addresses, content, books, reports, and so forth. The understudies can visit the VULMS by basically signing in and can encourage themselves to each refresh. It is the VULMS that offers a lot of in regards to the instructive procedure alongside the educators just as the mentors to pop open all the hard nuts. It would appear that the point of the Virtual University is satisfied through VULMS when understudies feel comfort in the wake of getting everything at one spot.
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Significant highlights of VULMS ?

VULMS offers a few highlights that are significant in training as well as for understudies. Coming up next are the most significant ones.

Requesting substance and course for understudies:

VULMS is best when we talk about the overseeing of substance just as the course line as VULMS presents them in an organized manner. The data, just as the reports on VULMS, are not fix and guides can change the content or tests. VULMS by dealing with the course line can without much of a stretch deal with the understudy’s action seeing the substance and course just as the various hunts of various understudies. VULMS can likewise valuable in controlling the way toward selecting new understudies just as giving them an equivalent ground. Whatever the progressions are made by the educators can without much of a stretch be described to every one of the understudies through the VULMS.
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Appraisal of understudies:

VULMS is very useful to follow the advancement of understudies on the grounds that through VULMS the aftereffect of understudies is constantly under perception. It is the utilization of VULMS that gives educators a bunch of ways to deal with set powerful tests and issue them on the web. Subsequent to checking those tests the educators can assess the advance and share the outcome online through VULMS with the goal that the understudies can evaluate themselves. Aside from tests the VULMS additionally helps in checking the participation of understudies in the classes, assignments, and occasions.

Input of Students:

VULMS offers the chance to give their input in the wake of assessing the total procedure. Understudies locate an opportunity to impart their perspectives to the educators just as their kindred creatures with the assistance of VULMS. Instructors just as the understudies by utilizing the VULMS a springboard to their exercises can make gatherings to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each part of the instructive procedure displayed through VULMS. These discourses produce positive outcomes among the understudies and this is a result of the VULMS.

Advantages of VULMS:

VULMS causes the educators to introduce the course in different arrangements, for example, content, sound, video, and so on.

Understudies can visit VULMS whenever, from wherever to check what children of new updates are accessible.

VULMS helps both the instructors and understudies as the educator can change the material as indicated by need of great importance and understudies take a gander without a moment’s delay the altered substance.

With the assistance of VULMS, the evaluation of understudies through organized tests and participation can undoubtedly be watched.

By utilizing the foundation of VULMS the understudies with the assistance of their educators can re-shape the material as indicated by the need of great importance.

On the foundation of VULMS understudies discover a chance to make a different gathering for study by utilizing the VULMS

Through VULMS the educators separated from the assessment can set objectives just as undertakings to accelerate the advancement of understudies.

VULMS can reach legitimately to the understudies and gives the best form of each piece of the substance just as the course line.

With the assistance of VULMS, the understudies can likewise check their outcomes in regards to their advancement by checking the imprint sheet on the foundation of VULMS.

VULMS offers space to educators just as understudies to make correspondence of learning objectives and set a course of events for the appraisal of those objectives.

The most significant advantage of the VULMS is the production of a correspondence interface between the educators and understudies.

7 Alarming Causes Of Migraines


Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes migraines, at least not in a way that allows for their prevention.

They suspect that regular migraines are related to an imbalance in certain brain chemicals coupled with basic genetics. Unfortunately, there’s a lot about your propensity for migraines that can’t be changed.

There seems to be a family history component to migraines, so if someone else in your family suffers, you are more likely to as well. Age plays a role: migraines tend to start in your teens and peak in your 30s, typically becoming less intense later in life.

And women are almost three times more likely to get migraines on a regular basis than men, though interestingly, young boys are more likely than young girls to experience them. Even changes in the weather, especially overall air pressure, can trigger a monster headache.

But before you lock yourself in a dark room for your entire young life, doctors can pinpoint certain factors that raise your risk of experiencing a migraine at any given time. Following are seven migraine triggers you can control. Migraines are agonizing and can derail your whole day, so making these small changes could greatly improve your quality of life.

1. Emotional stress

When you are stressed and overwhelmed, your brain releases chemicals associated with your fight or flight response. This is a critical system that helps humans stay safe.

However, when it comes to modern life, our main sources of stress are not usually life-or-death situations. An overwhelming workload, the challenges of parenting children, and financial strain can all cause anxiety and tension, but none are relieved by either fight or flight.

To reduce the stress in your life, work on developing a mindset of acceptance in regard to what is happening in the moment. Resisting things that are uncomfortable only increases the stress. Evaluate your daily routine and give yourself permission to delegate certain tasks and say no to others. Make sure that time for self-care is built into your daily schedule.

2. Certain foods

Foods that are highly processed are full of artificial ingredients and a lot of sodium. These things are known to trigger migraines when eaten in excess.

Aged cheeses, preserved meats like salami and bacon, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, and the flavor enhancer MSG are all risky for people with migraines.

Unfortunately, some people can be triggered by otherwise healthy foods like apples, bananas, beans, citrus fruits, dairy, onions, and tomatoes. If you are troubled by frequent migraines and haven’t determined your specific triggers, it may help to experiment with cutting these items out of your diet for a time.

3. Skipping meals

Fluctuations in blood sugar may also cause migraines in some people. The form of sugar used by the body for all of its processes is called glucose.

The brain is the largest consumer of glucose in the body, and when levels drop, it is the first organ affected. Our instinct in these moments is to eat something sugary for a quick boost, but too much glucose can also be problematic.

Therefore, if you are prone to migraines, try not to ever skip a meal. Make sure your meals feature a combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fat so as to ensure a steady delivery of glucose over a longer period, rather than steep surges and dips throughout the day.

4. Alcohol and caffeine

Both alcohol and caffeine can sometimes trigger migraines. This varies from person to person, so it’s something to pay close attention to when working to identify your triggers. It may be that there are reasonable limits that permit you to safely enjoy these things without pain.

In fact, caffeine may even help to alleviate a migraine. It is present in many over-the-counter migraine medications for this reason. However, studies show that regular consumers of caffeine may not be helped as much as people who don’t usually ingest it.

And, withdrawal from caffeine can also trigger a headache. If you experience regular migraines, it may be best to keep your daily caffeine consumption low so that you avoid withdrawal and can be helped by it when you are suffering.

5. Sensory overload

Bright lights, loud sounds, and strong smells are thought to trigger migraines in some people. Migraine sufferers that are sensitive to overwhelming situations usually report feeling confused, anxious, and unable to make decisions just prior to the onset of a headache.

While it’s difficult avoid all sources of excess sound, light, and smells, you can choose not to go to that laser light show or wear ear plugs at that live concert.

Other overloading situations are harder to avoid, like the traffic on the way to work and that co-worker who wears too much scent. But it is worth it to put some effort into minimizing the effects in your life.

Perhaps your boss would be open to shifting your schedule such that you miss the rush hour. That co-worker might very well understand, if approached gently, that her perfume (or his cologne) smells lovely but sadly triggers your headaches.

6. Changes in sleep

Everyone has a different level of optimal sleep, but the average for adults is 8 hours. Getting too much or too little shut-eye has been linked to migraines, as has jet lag.

Chances are, your body naturally wants to sleep and wake at the right time for your needs, so it’s important to listen to those signals. Keeping your sleep schedule as consistent as possible is also helpful in avoiding migraines.

We know that life is super busy, and it’s not always possible to keep sleeping patterns consistent. Unfortunately, it’s not helpful to catch up on missed sleep on the weekends because too much sleep is as triggering as not enough.

If you’ve been able to determine your optimal amount of sleep and know that you’ll be off your schedule for any reason, a better strategy is to build in a nap so that you still get enough slumber over each 24 hour period.

7. Physical strain

An intense workout can trigger migraines, but so can lack of exercise. Exercise triggers endorphins in the brain which make us feel happy and actually reduce our experience of pain. It’s important to find a happy medium that allows you to be active but doesn’t make you miserable afterward.

Key steps to keep your workout migraine-safe include proper hydration and nutrition. Eat and drink about an hour and a half before exercise, and continue to hydrate throughout your workout.

If you find that your mouth is dry or you’re not sweating, that’s a sign of dehydration. Also make sure that you warm up before getting to the intense portion of your workout. Jumping right into it seems to increase the risk of a migraine as well.

If you are experiencing regular migraines, it’s important to see your doctor. It’s also helpful to keep a migraine journal where you note down how often the headaches are happening and what you were doing in the hours before onset.

Sadly, the fact that you get them may be beyond your control due to factors like family history, gender, and age. But if making certain lifestyle changes can reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines, why wouldn’t you do it? No amount of coffee, alcohol, or fast food is worth the suffering you experience with a migraine.

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7 Foods That Could Kill Cancer


You probably know that diet is one of the most important elements of cancer prevention. Along with exercise, it’s one of the few things you can control since genetics and environment are largely determined by someone or something else.

Of course, if you’re still smoking cigarettes or using tobacco in any form, think about getting some help to quit.

When it comes to diet, in general you simply need to focus on eating whole, organic foods over processed and pesticide-laden ones. However, there is some nuance to it. There are certain nutrients that have been shown to be especially good at striking down cancer cells.

Following are 7 foods, elements of food, or ingredients that should take center stage in any diet meant to prevent cancer or support recovery from it.

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What Really Happens If You Keep A Smartphone At Your Bedside


It’s a rare person who doesn’t have a smartphone these days. They are insanely popular, and we totally get it. Smartphones put news, games, books, videos, music, banking, social media, and more right in the palm of your hand. There is always something to do with it, and you never need wonder about any question – simply Google it.

But (you knew there would be a but), there are some negative health consequences of smartphone use that we can’t just ignore. Because they are carted everywhere and touched all the time, even in the bathroom, they are incredibly germy yet rarely cleaned. Excessive use has also been shown to cause repetitive stress injuries in fingers and wrists.

That’s just the start – turns out, a lot more bad stuff could happen if you get so attached to your phone that you keep it beside you at all times, even overnight. Keep reading to find out what happens when you can’t put it away.

You could set your pillow on fire

Under the pillow is a convenient place that many people stash their phones overnight, but this is a fire risk. All phones produce some amount of heat when they work, and you’ll probably be able to tell when you’ve been on yours too long because it becomes too hot to touch. Putting it under your pillow makes it hard for that heat to dissipate, and in extreme cases it can cause fire.

Certain phones have a greater reputation for catching fire than others – notably the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The manufacturer has since fixed that glitch. But any phone can produce excess heat, especially when you use generic accessories (batteries and chargers) rather than brand-name ones from the manufacturer. Bottom line: charge that phone in another room overnight.

You’ll have trouble falling asleep

The light emitted by cell phones, tablets, TVs, and any gadget with an LED screen is called “blue light.” The wavelength of blue light is similar to that of daylight and sends our bodies the message that it’s time to be awake. The natural inclination of humans to be awake when it’s light and asleep when it’s dark is called a circadian rhythm, and screen time interrupts it.

Production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin tends to be restricted when you use your phone in bed at night. Sure, you’ll eventually succumb to exhaustion and fall asleep with the thing in your hand, but chances are it will be much later than it should be. Put the phone down at least an hour before your intended bedtime in order to get enough quality sleep.

You could risk your health

Research on the possible link between cell phones and cancer is still in its infancy with no clear link yet drawn. But, cell phones do give off some electromagnetic radiation, the same kind that’s in x-rays and microwaves and can cause tumors in high amounts.

Though the levels emitted by phones are low, the World Health Organization cautions that extended exposure could be dangerous, especially in children.

Therefore, it’s a safer call to store your phone away from your body whenever you’re not actively using it. Some people try to limit the amount of time the phone spends pressed to their heads by using an earpiece or texting more than calling. It only stands to reason that having the phone next to your head all night unnecessarily increases your exposure to radiation.

You won’t be as happy as you could be

We know what you’re thinking – “My phone makes me happy!” But humans didn’t evolve to get pleasure from a machine. It is our interpersonal relationships that provide true fulfillment. A recent study aimed to demonstrate that life is better without screens at night. In it, a group of 49 participants were asked to keep their phones out of their bedrooms for a week.

Even in that short time, participants were happier and had a better quality of life. They reported that they got better quality sleep, felt less anxiety, and improved their relationships. A full 93.6% of them said they planned to keep it up. Even if you don’t sleep next to a partner, constantly comparing your life to others’ at night via social media can impact your satisfactions with relationships you have during the day.

Your priorities get out of whack

It’s better for your relationships and your wellbeing to do something other than play on your phone before bed. But when you leave it right next to you all night, you are likely to grab it every time it makes a sound. Every news story, text, or social media alert will have you distracted from what you’re doing, whether that is talking with your spouse, reading with your kids, or simply taking some time to quietly meditate.

Don’t send the message to your loved ones that the phone means more to you than they do. Get your priorities back in line by giving your full attention to human connection or to simply being in the moment. We promise you won’t lie on your deathbed wishing you had bonded less with your loved ones or understood less about yourself.

Is sleeping with a phone at your bedside the end of the world? Nah. But life could be so much better if you put it aside for 10 hours or so at night. With more meaningful winding-down time and deeper, more restorative sleep, it is incredible how much happier you can feel.

Don’t get obsessed with your friends who are out partying, don’t lose vital sleep by playing 20 last rounds of Candy Crush, and for heaven’s sake, don’t expose your body to more radiation than you need to. Phone-free is the way to go at night.

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7 Best Homemade Natural Painkillers


We are fortunate to have access to several kinds of over-the-counter pain relievers, because daily life comes with bumps, bruises, and aches. Sometimes chronic conditions like arthritis, sciatica, or spinal stenosis can be behind the pain. Our first instinct is usually to reach for some acetaminophen (Tylenol), Motrin (ibuprofen), or naproxen (Aleve). They all do the trick.

However, despite relentless marketing to the contrary, these medications all come with side effects and are extremely toxic in doses uncomfortably close to the effective dose. It is easy to overdose. In fact, acetaminophen in the number one cause of preventable liver failure worldwide. Nothing else even comes close. These medications certainly have their place, but why not attempt a natural remedy first?

The 7 best homemade natural remedies on our list are all quite effective and come with virtually no dangerous side effects. You’ll be shocked to learn the old-timey dinner recipe that actually relieves pain.

And while we’re at it, did you know that people have actually been making tea with a close cousin of aspirin for many hundreds of years? Read on for these and other fascinating facts about natural painkillers.

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TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny Video 2019 – Have a Good Fail – Life Awesome


Realme interference is a component of the Realme X series, that is that the company’s premium mid-range lineup in Asian nation. Realme has been launching phones in fast succession, flooding the market with a reasonable, price for cash devices. The Realme X (Review) was launched in the Asian nation in July, and 2 months later we have got the Realme interference (Review). each the smartphones area unit priced on the brink of one another and supply premium expertise in their own ways that.

The Realme interference was launched in Asian nation last week with a beginning worth of Rs fifteen,999 for the 4GB + 64GB base model. This makes the phone cheaper than the Realme X, that starts at Rs sixteen,999 for the 4GB RAM model with 128GB of internal storage. The high-end 8GB + 128GB variant of the interference is priced at Rs eighteen,999, whereas the 8GB + 128GB version of the Realme X is priced at Rs nineteen,999.

The short answer is that there aren’t any wrong selections. each the Realme X and interference area unit terrific phones for his or her various costs. they provide an honest combination of options that you just will not notice on the other phone in its section. the sole factor you would like to raise yourself is that combination of options appeals to you the foremost.

Realme interference vs Realme X: style and show
Both the Realme interference and Realme X supply premium styles, however they take totally different approaches. The Realme interference comes with pongid Glass five on the front associate degreed back and is that the solely Realme phone to supply an all-glass style. The arciform glass body offers the Realme interference a premium look and feel compared to plastic bodied phones.

The show of the interference, however, is extremely almost like past Realme phones therein it sports a half dozen.4-inch pearl screen that gives a waterdrop notch. we’ve seen this kind of show on the Realme five professional, Realme three professional and alternative older Realme phones.

When it involves the Realme X, things area unit a bit opposite. On the rear, the Realme X sports a shiny plastic panel that conjointly comes in gradient colors. The frame gets a chrome end that provides it a premium bit. however whereas the rear feels less high-end compared to the interference, the show of the X appearance a bit additional enticing because it comes with a notchless screen.

The Realme X offers associate degree edge-to-edge show with no notch and extremely skinny bezels all around. this is often as a result of it offers a pop-up selfie camera that hides the front camera. during this facet, the Realme X appearance additional up to hurry with current trends.
Both the Realme interference and Realme X supply Super AMOLED displays with FHD+ resolutions, therefore expect them to supply an equivalent level of sharpness and vividness. when exploitation each the phones, {we can|we will|we area unit able to} say that the displays are quite enticing with sensible brightness levels and viewing angles.

Realme interference vs Realme X: Hardware and cameras
When it involves underneath the hood specifications, the Realme interference appearance higher on paper. it’s power-driven by a a pair of.3Ghz flower 712 chipset paired with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage, with support for storage expandability via microSD card. The Realme X, on the opposite hand, gets a flower 710 SoC in addition to up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage with no microSD card support.

Both the flower 710 and 712 processors area unit terrific mid-range performers. we tend to found no problems with regular usage once exploitation each the devices. once it involves real-world performance, each the phones area unit quick and swish, that is additionally partially due to a well-optimised ColorOS half dozen computer code.

Both the SoCs conjointly come back equipped with associate degree Adreno 616 GPU, creating them capable for running games like PUBG and Asphalt nine at high graphic settings with ease. whereas the SD712 could look slightly quicker than the SD710 on paper, you’ll not be able to tell the distinction between them in actual usage situations.

Coming to the cameras, the Realme interference gets a footing over the X. It offers a 64MP quad camera setup that appears higher on paper compared to the 48MP twin camera system on the Realme X. it’s value being clear that each the Realme X and interference capture some gorgeous photos exploitation their various primary sensors.

The tried and tested Sony IMX586 sensing element on the Realme X will capture sharp and elaborated photos in most lighting conditions, providing wide dynamic vary and a few facilitate with options like intensity Boost and Nightscape. Realme XT, on the opposite hand, uses Samsung’s 64MP GW1 sensing element that’s purported to supply additional detail and sharpness compared to the 48MP sensing element. The distinction between the 2 sensors is not huge, therefore you’ll be pleased with either of the 2 cameras.


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10 Worst Foods to Eat If You Want to Stay Fit


You are working out, getting fit, and want to stay that way. Some foods are not your workout friends and need to be avoided.

Did you know that health drinks, energy bars, and sports drinks are not really necessary for you to maintain fitness?

You might be surprised that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on “recovery” drinks that may be upsetting your fitness goals.

In fact, we’ll discuss the one food that you should never eat because it contains ALL the bad ingredients that you really need to avoid. Read on to see what food are bad for your fitness goals.

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What Effect Does A Single Bad Night Sleep Have On Your Body


Sleep is important to your body, so important in fact that sleep deprivation is one of the tools that is used to brainwash someone. While you won’t get brainwashed after one bad night of sleep, your body will still experience some potentially devastating effects.

The more nights you get a bad night’s sleep the worse the effects are. Think of a good night’s sleep as your body’s reset mechanism. In fact, getting less than 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night can increase your risk of early death by 12%.

You might be familiar with being short tempered or forgetful, but the changes deep within your body may lead to poor health. In fact, if you experience number five, you need to see a doctor immediately! Fixing number nine could be the only love potion you need…

Memory Issues

As you sleep your brain creates neural pathways that help you remember new information. A bad night’s sleep affects how well you memorize and retain information. You need both REM sleep and slow-wave deep sleep cycles to retain different types of memories.

You might be able to cram information in during an all-night study session, but it gets stuck in short term memory and fades more quickly.

Studies show that people who get a good night’s sleep (or even a nap) perform better on tests, work, and athletic events, including music.


You can’t concentrate as well or learn new tasks. Creativity suffers and problem-solving skills plummet. The more tired you are, the slower your brain functions and the harder it is to perform tasks involving logical reasoning or complex thought.

Sleep loss is a contributing factor for hyperactivity in children. School work suffers as teens lose sleep as well.

Mood Changes

You’ve probably noticed you are moody, short tempered, and quick tempered after a bad night’s sleep. Even coffee won’t help and may keep you from getting another good night’s sleep.

There are also links between sleep loss and mood disorders like anxiety, depression, panic disorders and other related mental illnesses.


Feeling drowsy, lack of concentration, and a loss of focus have contributed to many vehicle and equipment accidents. You don’t focus as well and can’t respond as quickly. If you are tired enough, you can even fall asleep while driving. In 2013, the NHTSA estimated that 72,000 crashes and 800 deaths were caused by drowsy driving.

Coordination and balance may be affected and lead to falls or clumsy accidents.  Sleep deprived workers report more accidents and take more sick days


Sleep gives your body a chance to create protective substances. A sleep deprived body also doesn’t respond the same way to an infection. Sleep also lets you fight off infections without having to focus on all the tasks you perform during the day. A normal body increases the fever response at night for better infection fighting response.

Some of the substances created, like cytokines, help you sleep. The more sleep you lose, the more risk you are for chronic illnesses.

Respiratory System

Respiratory issues have two causes. The first is the depressed immune system leaving you open to developing flus and colds. The other issue is that if you are not sleeping well because of sleep apnea, you risk death from a variety of causes, including a sleep-deprived-because-of-snoring partner!

Weight Gain And Diabetes

Sleep loss makes you want to eat to stay awake. Sleep increases the levels of leptin, an appetite reducing hormone and depresses ghrelin, an appetite stimulating hormone. Lack of sleep reverses this and you want to eat.

Sleep deprivation increases insulin levels. These cause your body to store fat and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Finally, a bad night’s sleep leads to a decreases desire to exercise. Losing sleep leads to weight gain and increases risk of diabetes.

Unhappy Heart

Sleep loss can lead to increased blood pressure and inflammation. Not enough sleep may lead to cardiovascular disease and eventually heart attacks and strokes. It is not clear why, but altered immune response, disrupted metabolism, and increased blood pressure plays into heart health.

Since you don’t feel like exercising, your heart muscle doesn’t get a good workout.

Sleep disrupted teens show the same responses and as a result, more children are at risk for heart disease at younger ages.

Sex Drive

You need at least three hours of uninterrupted sleep to create testosterone. If you are feeling a decreased sex drive, you may be able to blame it on loss of sleep. Low energy and lack of sleep may lead to “tense tiredness” and lead to sexual dysfunction.

Wimpy Muscles

Children and adolescents also need sleep to build muscles. Sleep and exercise both increase the release of growth hormones. In addition to decreased growth hormones, your thyroid suffers. The thyroid controls metabolism and plays into weight gain.

Some Ways To Get Better Sleep

Not everyone responds to these suggestions, so try them out and talk to your doctor for more ideas. First, spend time outside during the day. Bright light increases both sleep quality and how long it takes to fall asleep. Next, turn off blue lights at night (computers, TV screens, etc) two hours before heading to bed. Avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. (or earlier). Limit naps and set a regular schedule.


If you are yawning, irritable, and excessively sleepy during the day, you might be suffering from sleep deprivation. Being tired puts you at risk for accidents, injuries, and serious illness from your brain to your digestive system.

Modern life tells us that sleep is sacrificial offering on the altar of commerce and 24-hour convenience. In reality, our lack of sleep is slowly killing us and ruining the quality of our lives.

Sleep is one of the most important activities you can undertake, so help yourself by getting a great night’s sleep!

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7 Things You Should Never Do When Trying to Lose Weight


Losing weight is the biggest battle that many people will face, but it’s also one that those same people may be doing all wrong.

There is a right and wrong way to lose weight, and the long-term results often show who lost weight correctly and who didn’t.

If you try to shed the pounds too quickly or take radical action, you can end up weighing more than you did before as soon as you become set in your old ways once more, or even gravely ill from the experience.

If you are set on dropping a few dress sizes – either for your health or self-image, then here are seven things you should never do, with emphasis on slide five and six in particular!


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5 Best Workout Routines If You Are Over 40



When you turn 40, or you’re over 40, it feels like you’ve immediately doubled in age. Those aches and pains become more pronounced, you begin having niggly thoughts about osteoporosis, and you feel like you need to start taking care of your health more than you do now.

The truth is, your body is going to age regardless of what you do, but by including beneficial workout routines into your life, you’re able to control how healthy and in control you feel.

If you want to feel good, look good, and have people say “wow, you’re really 40?” then pay attention to these workout tips below. Number four, believe it or not, could even prevent several hospital trips as you get older.


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